What does it take to be yourself?

It takes a lot. This journey to yourself is not for the weak of heart, because your heart will BE your map, your compass, your light, your door, your everything. Not someone else’s heart. Only yours.

This journey will call for you to have faith. Faith in what you were taught does not exist. In things that are so profoundly buried in your heart that it hurts to go looking at them but so like…home.

This journey will challenge you to trust. Trust that every single person in your life is there only for a time, a here and now. Trust that you are not losing anyone or anything, you are shaping yourself through heart, light and love.

This journey will require for you to say ‘no’ to the false ‘yes’, in order to have space for the real ‘yes’. The ‘Yes’ that counts. The ‘Yes’ that matter to your heart. It will take all of you to say ‘no’ to the things you usually say ‘yes’ to. And one day you will realize, it gets better. Saying ‘yes’ to what really matters is not so difficult, not so heartbreaking.

At the end of the journey, you will realize how much you were not you at the beginning. You will realize how much you have been hiding, lying, diminishing your true self.

But the journey never end. It’s only a cycle, and by the time you are there, you will breath gratitude for the journey abaft and the one ahead.

This journey does not require to you to be by yourself. You don’t have to be alone. The tribe had always been here to help, to support and love you when you are so tired you think you cannot take another step forward.

We’ve been waiting for you. Don’t give it another day. Don’t give it another opportunity to feel sorry and sad. Say yes to the real you.

I am here for you, with you. Let’s find out who we really are.


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